About BidaBing   Overview

Welcome. BidaBing is a fun and effective way to buy, sell and rent real estate. The project has been taking form for almost two years and is aimed at providing a valuable tool for anyone with interest in the real estate industry. Please join us at our launch to be among the first to benefit from the real estate industries most remarkable tool.


Most of you will find your listings in your control panel within 24 hours of becoming a member. Member ship is free. You can publish your listings and convert them to bidabing listings for free syndication to dozens of partnering sites.

Once you become familiar with the social networking tools, and you have invited all of your contacts to register as your buyers in the BidaBing system, you may want to use the site to auction some or all of your listings. All you need to know is that your owner agrees to a start price, a reserve price, stipulate your auction terms very clearly and click the auction icon next to the listing.

If you market your listing properly, you should experience more activity than usual. Next you will coordinate convenient showings where bidders can preview the property learn more about your exciting auction. The idea is to gather as many qualified buyers to register to bid at one time. Thats the auction end date. At the end of a successful auction, you will receive all the auction details on a pdf certificate which includes the contact information for all of the parties involved, and the total number of bidders.

This can show the owner or bank that the contract is the result of a competitive process and an arms length, transparant transaction.


We know you have options when searching for real estate online, so we had to really think outside of the box to bring you here. BidaBing is the only real estate site that returns matching results of auctions, agents listed properties, and "by owners".  Our studies showed that most "by owners" are willing to cooperate with agents, they just have trouble choosing one. Our sellers agree to cooperate with your agent. So, as long as you are registered to an agent, you will see all types of listings.

In order to assist you better, your agent is notified if you require help with showings, more information, comparables sales and other pertinent site activity. (see your terms of use for more information)